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Info Bric

Infobric software makes working at construction sites safer and more effective. It simplifies and facilitates the construction process by showing real time up to date information from the construction site and helps to ensure the right personnel are at the right place equipped with the correct equipment.

Unauthorized personnel are prevented from accessing the area, safety is improved and waiting time is reduced. Moreover, the programme is easy to use since its based on smart cards.

The whole process is co-ordinated via utilization of 'infobric ease' which is easily accessible through an internet based connection.

Features include;

  • Real time information and site monitoring.
  • Site access control using biometric finger readers or Smart Card scanning
  • Complete compliance with the new CSCS Smart Card - No more keys - one card for all sites.
  • Monitor the status of employees and subcontractors' CSCS cards. Other card types can also be utilized.
  • Increased staff and subcontractor efficiency
  • All users register only once. (All data held centrally for instant recall and recognition)
  • Improved Health and Safety standards and security through better staff control and monitoring.
  • Fully controlled mobile turnstiles, barriers, locks, containers and gates utilising biometrics of CSCS Smart Card.

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