5 reasons accreditation counts

10 Jan 2022
BY Dave Salisbury

5 reasons accreditation counts

‘Accreditation’ = recognition by a third party, usually a certification body, that your company has adhered to a set of official standards in performing an activity.

That’s the basis of it.

It shows that, as a company, you’re serious about self-regulation and continuous improvement. Zicam has National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold approval and as they say themselves it’s “the hallmark of excellence for providers of security and fire safety services”. We’re incredibly proud of this accreditation because it means we meet the highest technical standards in our industry (and we’re committed to maintaining them). But what does it mean for our customers?

Here are our top 5 reasons why accreditation counts when you’re working with an integrated security services company:

1.      You get highest standard of work

In terms of NSI Gold accreditation, as a customer, you know you’ve got the best company installing your security system because that company willingly opens its doors to the NSI on an annual basis to go through a rigorous audit process to prove that they work to International and British Standards and to the NSI’s code of practice. This is not an accreditation that you got 20 years ago when you first started out and it stands to this day!

2.      You’re compliant with British standards to generate emergency response

If you expect the police to attend your business premises after your security system triggers an alarm, then you need a unique reference number (URN). If you don’t have one, they won’t attend. The security system installation company you use can apply for one, but to get it they have to prove that the system is compliant, has been installed to the relevant standard and that they themselves (and the remote monitoring service that triggers the response) are certified by an accredited body such as the NSI. Your security system also has to be serviced bi-annually so there are no false alarms. If you want full end-to-end protection – accreditation counts.

3.      Your intruder alarm system meets the requirements of the insurance industry

Having the right grade of intruder alarm is something you need to adhere to, to satisfy the requirements of your insurance policy. Insurers will look at things like site location, what material your premises was built with, what stock is being stored there, before issuing a grade. To get technical about it, an alarm’s grade is derived from the UK and European Standards on intruder alarms (outlined in BS EN 50131). The right grade is the first requirement, second is that it needs to be installed by an NSI accredited security systems installer. If you don’t have these to things you’ll fall short of your insurance policy requirements. Again with that accreditation!

4.      You have proof that the company is technically competent

Going back to the NSI Gold accreditation, and if we look at intruder alarms in particular, when you work with a security system installation company, that gold accreditation gives you a guarantee that the company is qualified and technically competent to design, install and maintain your alarm. As well as technical competence, a good security and surveillance company should advise you on the best location for your intruder alarm. If your premises has a professionally installed, highly visible alarm, then it’s more likely to deter intruders from illegally accessing your site

5.      You are working with a security company that has commitment to excellence

It is a huge undertaking to go through the NSI’s accreditation audit and is validation of a company’s dedication to providing excellence across every area of the business. It shows commitment to managing the company with an honest and professional transparency to prove trustworthiness to customers, and it demonstrate a responsibility to delivering customer service excellence. For us, we use our NSI audit to implement new measures and adapt our processes so that we remain a supplier of choice for customers across the UK and Ireland.

The little accreditation logos we display with pride on our website and marketing literature are often overlooked, but I hope when you see one of them, you remember these 5 reasons and make a wise decision when it comes to choosing a security system installation and maintenance company.

Dave Salisbury, Managing Director, Zicam Integrated Security Limited.

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