Secure your business with an integrated intruder alarm and deterrent system

Modern alarms and deterrents protect your business against burglars and uninvited guests.

A Zicam Technician inspects a business burglar alarm system

Intruder or Burglar alarms are the absolute essential security device for any business and they have become quite advanced since the days of the old-fashioned burglar alarm. If you want a standalone alarm, we can do that for you, but we like to go above and beyond for our customers and will be happy to talk to you about a fully integrated alarm system that works with:

Our smart systems will reliably detect if a person or vehicle has entered your premises, or if an animal or weather conditions are causing motion and then respond accordingly. We have peace of mind when your business is protected and you’re not being disturbed by preventable false alarms.


“The technical delivery is backed up by the 24/7 on-site and remote support they provide Sunseeker with.”

Mike McLaughlin
Head of Security, Sunseeker International
A Zicam team member checking a Business Intruder Alarm

4 reasons your business needs
an intruder alarm system


Unfortunately, if you’re a business owner with premises, your valuable equipment, stock and vehicles might be a target for thieves. A high-tech business intruder alarm system will reduce the opportunity a burglar has to gain entry. Motion detectors, sensors, strobe lighting and sirens operate together to deter them and leave your business secure and protected.


An external deterrent system is an effective method of preventing trespassers or vandals from accessing your site. With an alarm mounted on an external wall in an obvious and visible location, potential threats can be deterred. Prevention of crime is preferable to finding proof.


For complete confidence in your system, we can install dual confirmation to initiate police response. This requires two forms of detection: a motion sensor to detect movement, and then a passive infrared (PIR) sensor to confirm heat – the police will only respond when the second alarm is activated, significantly improving the chances of intruder apprehension.


Who doesn’t want to lower their insurance premium? Commercial intruder alarm systems reduce risk and increase prevention which means the potential for saving on your insurance. As the level of protection throughout the system increases, so does the potential for insurance premium savings.

A Zicam technician working on a commercial intruder alarm system
A modular business intruder system for full protection

Our fully modular system allows us to design an intruder alarm and deterrent system specifically for your business. The technology we use includes:

  • PIR sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Remote monitoring
  • Strobe lighting and sirens
  • Dual confirmation
  • Police response
  • Door contacts
  • Wireless technology
  • Open protocol system
  • Tannoy system
  • Smoke Cloak fog system

We’re proud to work with Texecom and Galaxy as well as several other approved partners with all our business intruder alarms

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