Protect your business with our commercial smart access control­

Identify, authenticate and authorise who travels where in your business. From your entry barrier to your exit doors, interactive access supports your security.

A Business Smart Access Control Panel
There’s More To Access Control

Access control isn’t just about keeping people out of areas, it’s also about keeping them safe and your reports accurate. A Zicam smart access system lets you intelligently monitor who is on site to protect their health and safety at all times – vital if your fire system is triggered.

Our systems are safe, user-friendly, and reliable. From standalone card entry to biometric access and networked control, we have a system that’s perfect for your business.


“Both the products and services Zicam supply, are leading edge, with a performance before price delivery.”

Tom Whawell
Site Compliance and Security Manager,
Eddie Stobart
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Why your business needs access control

Cost Savings

A smart access control system removes the need to pay for an on-site security guard through its ability to verify a person’s identity. If we integrate it with your lighting system, it will detect when the room is empty and turn off the lights, saving you unnecessary energy costs.

Data Protection

Restricting access to sensitive areas is the easiest way to protect your data. When we install your access control system, we can programme your staff access levels, so you have peace of mind that everyone can only enter the areas they need
to be in.

Health and Safety

If you have hazardous areas in your business where there might be dangerous substances or multiple vehicles in operation, then a smart access system can minimise the amount of people in that space at any one time. Zicam systems will help you protect your people and your premises.

Accurate Reporting

If your fire alarm is triggered, our integrated system will produce a rollcall – on a printout or app – for your muster point, so you know who has swiped in and is on site. It also interacts with your HR reporting system, producing time and attendance reports to ensure payroll precision.

Zicam Gates and Smart Access control
Zicam access control for your business

If you never want to have to change a lock again, you need a smart access control. It’s the best system for true protection of your site, your people, your visitors, and your building. We’ll design a system for you that’s within your budget and that provides the security and protection you need.

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