5 reasons your security system needs servicing

18 Mar 2022
BY Dave Salisbury

5 reasons your security system needs servicing

When you’ve invested in a smart and integrated security system, the last thing you want to do is let it fall into disrepair or malfunction because you’re not servicing it regularly. The very reason you had it installed in the first place was to protect your business, your assets and your people and if, through neglect, the various disciplines are compromised then, unfortunately, so is your business. Here are just a few of the risks you’re taking by not maintaining your system:

  • If your camera lenses aren’t clean, they can’t ‘see’ clearly and that compromises your security
  • If your intruder alarm is faulty, you’re at risk of theft
  • If your access control isn’t operating properly, unauthorised people can enter your premises
  • If your gates and barriers aren’t maintained it could lead to serious accident or death

The easiest course of action you can take is to have a maintenance contract with a security expert. This takes the stress away from trying to remember to book a service, it’s also more affordable to have a contract for monthly payments than costly ad hoc servicing.

When you work with an accredited security installation and maintenance company you know you have a provider that’s held to the highest standards. They will make sure that your system is well maintained to avoid any possible damage to your property or security breaches. And another five excellent reasons to maintain your security system…

  1. Insurance – According to set criteria, many insurers will stipulate the level of security your business needs. If your property is broken into or your system breached in any way that, on inspection, is proven to be as a result of poor maintenance, then you could be denied a pay-out.
  2. False alarms – These can cost a business quite heavily if they are frequent and are often simply caused by malfunctioning equipment that hasn’t been serviced properly.
  3. Compliance – If your system is found to be in breach of security and health and safety standards, it could cause extensive problems for your business including temporary closure (depending on the level of non-compliance). An accredited security company will keep all disciplines to the industry standards required.
  4. Savings – As with any vehicle or piece of equipment, the better you look after it the more efficient it is and the better it will serve you. By ensuring that your hardware and software are upgraded when necessary, your system will run without glitches. How do you know when you need an upgrade? Through regular servicing.
  5. Lifespan – Atmospheric dust, weather conditions, dirt and grease, all contribute to the deterioration of equipment. If it’s regularly cleaned and maintained, then it naturally follow that it will last longer and save you replacement costs in the long term.

Affordable, comprehensive maintenance packages

Of course we’re going to plug our own packages! We offer our customers a choice of two service plans to keep their security systems in tip-top condition:

Fully Comprehensive, which includes priority call-out 4-hour response and replacement of faulty or worn equipment. We also conduct remote and on-site assessments and servicing and maintenance inspections so you get to see our friendly engineers on a regular basis. This package also comes with 24-hour call out and support and, of course, peace of mind that your system has been maintained by industry experts.

Service Only has the benefit of regular service and maintenance inspections and priority call-out 4-hour response so you’re never on your own with a system problem for long.

To find out more about how monthly payments can your security system in the condition it needs to be to protect your business, give us a call.

Dave Salisbury, Managing Director, Zicam Integrated Security Limited.

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