7 top reasons for installing CCTV at your business

25 Aug 2021
BY Dave Salisbury

7 top reasons for installing CCTV at your business

When closed-circuit television (CCTV) became popular in the 1970s it was quickly adopted by security companies and businesses alike as an integral piece of equipment in surveillance systems. Video tape made it possible to review the footage on demand, so it brought with it an element of freedom (and cost saving) with the release of the person who had been – up to this point – responsible for watching the monitors.

CCTV has advanced considerably over the last few years and now acts as the cornerstone to many security systems. Gone are the days of video tape and the huge libraries needed to store them. Nowadays we have smart systems that provide 24/7 monitoring to provide constant coverage. Video tapes are out, and in are technologies like:

  • Video analytics
  • Facial recognition
  • Remote monitoring
  • Thermal imaging

The technology may have advanced, but the benefits for installing CCTV in your business are the same. Here are seven reasons your business should have a smart, integrated CCTV system.

1.     Crime prevention

Being caught on camera is the biggest deterrent for thieves or vandals. Positioning CCTV cameras in an obvious, prominent position will make your business a less attractive target and make it more likely that criminals will move on to an easier one. Although visibility of the cameras is key, don’t forget that you need to also think strategically about where they should be placed to ensure every area of your premises is monitored. If you need advice about placement, talk to an expert security company.

2.     Evidence

If you do get a tenacious thief that thinks the risk of being caught is worth the running the gauntlet with the cameras, then this is where your ROI comes into play. The advanced technology – like facial recognition – incorporated into modern CCTV systems means perpetrators are more easily identified by police and can be quickly brought to justice.

3.     Safety

You’ve spent ages conducting risk assessments and putting your safety procedures into place and now you need to know that your staff and visitors are following the guidelines. Monitoring the interior and exterior of your building allows you to check that – for their own safety – your health and safety rules are effective, easy to follow, and that everyone is observing the procedures.

4.     Disputes

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and some people can be a little less than honest. Four to five years ago, demand for CCTV systems was mainly based on crime, but coming up as a key reason now is health and safety. Being able to mitigate false accident claims relies heavily on the footage to prove or disprove. It also shows where safety measures and methods can be improved if an accident is proved genuine.

5.     Performance


CCTV can be used to monitor and improve staff performance. It might sound a little ‘big brother’ to talk about performance, but when combined with access control and HR systems if can be effective in measuring timekeeping and attendance.


6.     Real-time monitoring


You can access your CCTV system either on site or remotely 24/7, 365, providing you with a wealth of information that can influence your staff training programmes, improve business efficiencies, and give a real-time overview of your business operations. There’s a general misconception that CCTV is installed to trip people up and catch wrong-doers in the act, but more often than not it will highlight where improvement to systems, daily tasks and activities can be improved.

7.     Lower insurance premiums


Your business premises is seen as less of a risk to insurers if it has an installed CCTV system and could, as a result, lead to lower premiums. As with other security systems, the better it is and more bespoke to your business, the more protected you’re deemed to be.


Is CCTV for you?

It should be! I believe every business premises benefits from an integrated CCTV system. The better the system the more protection your business has. If you’re interested in upgrading or installing a CCTV system and don’t know where to start or are looking for a security partner to work with, then call or email Zicam and we’d be happy to talk about your requirements.


Tom Packwood, Project Manager, Zicam Integrated Security Limited


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