Business Security Systems For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Business security systems for Industrial & Manufacturing Plants are highly tailored solutions that provide comprehensive security across premises.
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Business security systems for industrial and manufacturing plants are designed to protect the facility, employees, and assets from a variety of potential threats. A comprehensive security system includes physical barriers such as fences, walls, gates, locks, and access control systems. 

Our goal is to create secure working environments that enable businesses to thrive while maintaining safety standards. Our systems are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to tailor them for your specific needs.

Furthermore, our experienced technicians can provide installation and ongoing maintenance assistance so that your security system functions reliably all year round.

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Smart CCTV Systems For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

CCTV cameraIndustrial and manufacturing plants require an effective CCTV security system to ensure the safety of personnel, assets, and operations. Zicam Security can provide comprehensive CCTV security systems that are tailor-made for industrial settings. Our cameras can be installed in different areas inside a facility to monitor people, equipment, and activities.  


Having these CCTV cameras installed in the plant not only provides protection against potential theft, vandalism, and other suspicious activity, it also provides valuable data that can be used for operational analysis as well as security monitoring. With our CCTV system, managers can have real-time insight into their workflow processes and identify any issues quickly. This helps them improve productivity by pinpointing bottlenecks and resolving them promptly. 


Access Control For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants


Access control for industrial and manufacturing plants is essential to ensure safety, security, and compliance with industry regulations. This type of access control allows the facility manager to monitor who enters and exits the premises and can help prevent unauthorised personnel from entering.  

Access control systems also helps protect valuable assets by restricting access to certain areas or equipment that could be hazardous if mishandled. We also offer a variety of options ranging from basic keypads for basic entry and exit points, to more advanced biometric scanners for higher security environments. 

In addition, access control can help streamline processes, such as tracking inventory or employee time management. 


Intruder Systems For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Integrated Business Security Systems from Zicam SecurityOur intruder alarm systems are designed to provide maximum protection against unauthorised access to valuable assets and personnel. We can help you protect your industrial property and increase the safety of your staff by providing an effective security system tailored to meet your specific needs.  


Our comprehensive range of products provide superior detection coverage, reliable protection against intrusion and vandalism, and a wide variety of features designed to meet the unique requirements of industrial facilities. Our experienced team will work closely with you to design an effective system that provides complete protection for your business premises.  

We use state-of-the-art technology to provide maximum security while minimising false alarms and other potential problems. All our intruder alarm systems are installed and maintained in accordance with the highest safety standards, so you can be sure that your industrial property is well-protected at all times. 


Life Safety Systems For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

An image of two Zicam staff membersZicam Security provides quality fire and life safety systems specifically designed for industrial and manufacturing plants. Industrial plants, being large complexes where hazardous materials are handled on a daily basis, need to be equipped with fire protection measures in order to ensure that disasters can be prevented or minimized. 


Fire safety systems act as an early warning system to alert personnel when a potential hazard is present. They also provide an automated response to contain any fires before they spread further throughout the plant. In addition, they can help lower insurance costs associated with these types of facilities since they reduce the risk of costly fires happening in the first place. 

Zicam Security’s fire and life safety systems provide comprehensive solutions that include smoke detectors and fire suppression systems.  

Perimeter Protection Support For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

perimeter-protection-4985Industrial and manufacturing plants need a high level of perimeter protection to ensure their property, equipment, materials, and data are safe from outside threats. Zicam Security offers customised solutions to protect the perimeter of businesses in this sector from intruders or malicious actors.  


Our systems provide advanced security measures such as motion detectors, surveillance cameras, access control systems and biometric identification technologies that can be tailored to the specific needs of each plant. We also offer additional services such as alarm systems that alert appropriate personnel if an intrusion is detected. 


EV Charging Installation For Industrial & Manufacturing Plants

Industrial and manufacturing plants have become increasingly reliant on electric vehicles (EVs) in order to reduce their environmental impact, improve operational efficiency and increase financial savings. With the rise of EVs, industrial and manufacturing plants need access to EV charging points that are reliable, secure, and able to handle a large number of charges. Zicam Security is able to provide commercial EV charging solutions for industrial and manufacturing plants that meet these requirements. 

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Zicam Security’s commercial EV charging points are designed with reliability, security, safety, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness in mind. Our commercial EV chargers are certified according to the latest safety standards by leading experts in the industry. 

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