Business Security Systems For Military Bases & Installations

Business security systems for Military Bases & Installations are highly tailored solutions that provide comprehensive security across premises.
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At Zicam, we provide comprehensive security solutions for military bases and installations. Our systems are designed to protect against a wide range of risks. We offer multiple layers of security through our various products, including surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and perimeter protection.

Our goal is to create secure working environments that enable businesses to thrive while maintaining safety standards. Our systems are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you to tailor them for your specific needs.

Furthermore, our experienced technicians can provide installation and ongoing maintenance assistance so that your security system functions reliably all year round.

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Smart CCTV Systems For Military Bases & Installations

CCTV cameraMilitary bases and installations often require a significantly higher level of security than other environments. Bespoke CCTV security systems can provide an essential layer of surveillance, allowing for real-time monitoring of all base areas, detection of suspicious activity, and immediate response to potential threats.  

With specialised CCTV systems, military installations can enjoy enhanced security features, such as thermal imaging, facial recognition, and night vision, ensuring robust security regardless of the time or weather conditions. 

At Zicam Security, we understand the unique security demands of such high-risk environments. We offer custom-made CCTV systems that perfectly cater to the specific needs of your military base or installation. Our expert team will carry out a comprehensive site survey to identify potential areas of vulnerability, after which we’ll design a security plan that suits your requirements. 


Access Control For Military Bases & Installations

smart-access-control-in-a-post-pandemic-world-IMG_4996Military bases and installations significantly benefit from implementing access control systems. These systems allow for the secure management of people’s access rights, ensuring that only authorised personnel can enter certain areas. They also offer real-time monitoring, enabling prompt response to any security threats.

Access control systems further improve efficiency as the need for manual verification is reduced, and they provide a detailed record of the movements of people on the base, enhancing accountability and facilitating investigations when necessary. Not only are these systems essential for safeguarding sensitive information and valuable assets, but they also protect the personnel, making sure that their safety is never compromised. 

We leverage advanced technologies and our extensive experience to design and implement systems that offer maximum protection and efficiency. With our sophisticated access control solutions, military installations can effectively manage access rights, monitor movements, and respond promptly to security threats. 


Intruder Systems For Military Bases & Installations

Integrated Business Security Systems from Zicam Security

Intruder alarm systems act as a critical line of defence for military bases and installations. They offer an extra layer of security, protecting sensitive areas and valuable assets from unauthorized access. With sophisticated sensors and advanced detection techniques, these systems can detect possible intrusion attempts, thus allowing for immediate response to any security threats.  

The application of an effective intruder alarm system within a military context extends beyond mere detection. It includes preventing potential breaches, deterring intruders, and providing a comprehensive record of security incidents. This can bolster the base’s overall security strategy, ensuring the safety and integrity of both personnel and resources. 

With Zicam Security, you can take advantage of advanced features like real-time alerts, remote monitoring, and multi-tiered access levels.


Life Safety Systems For Military Bases & Installations

An image of two Zicam staff membersLife safety systems, including fire alarms, play an integral role in providing a safe environment on military bases and installations. These systems are designed to protect individuals and property from a variety of threats, most notably fire hazards. In these highly secure and critical settings, the rapid detection and response to fire incidents are crucial.

With Zicam Security, military installations can take advantage of advanced life safety systems tailored to their specific needs. We understand the unique challenges associated with securing military environments, and we design our solutions to match.


Perimeter Protection Support Military Bases & Installations

perimeter-protection-4985Military bases and installations hold paramount strategic importance. As such, enhancing their security with high-calibre perimeter protection systems, like automatic traffic barriers, rising bollards, and automatic sliding gates, offers numerous benefits. 

These systems can dramatically improve access control, allowing only authorized personnel to enter. Automatic traffic barriers effectively regulate vehicle flow, preventing unauthorized access, while rising bollards offer an added layer of security, capable of withstanding high-impact collisions. Automatic sliding gates provide controlled entry points, which can be especially valuable in emergency situations. 

With Zicam Security, you can equip your military base with state-of-the-art perimeter protection systems. Our expertise and commitment to quality means that your installations are safeguarded with the most effective and reliable security solutions on the market. Trust Zicam Security to deliver not just products, but peace of mind. 


EV Charging Installation For Military Bases & Installations

EV charging points can significantly benefit military bases and installations. Firstly, they promote sustainability by offering an environmentally-friendly approach to fuelling transport. This aligns with the overall objectives of many military organizations to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet. 

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Secondly, EV charging points can offer convenience and cost savings. Vehicles can be charged onsite, reducing the need for offsite fuel procurement and the associated time and logistical challenges. Furthermore, electricity, particularly when sourced from renewable sources, can be more cost-effective than traditional fuels, resulting in significant savings over time.

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