Cost Considerations for Setting Up a Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station

10 Jul 2023
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

In the ongoing quest towards a carbon-neutral future, the importance of sustainability has never been more prominent. For businesses across the UK, this has put the spotlight firmly on electric vehicles.

More specifically, as the EV market continues to skyrocket, the need for commercial charging stations to keep pace is only going to grow. Yet, even as the benefits and higher purpose of such infrastructure are clear, the cost implications of installing and maintaining workplace EV charging stations can be tricky to navigate.

In this blog, we’ll examine these cost considerations in more detail and explore what businesses in the UK should keep in mind when they’re considering installing a commercial electric vehicle charging station.


The Cost of Workplace EV Charging Equipment

One of the primary costs that businesses have to consider when installing an EV charging station is the charging equipment itself.

The price of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger point for a workplace can vary greatly based on its specifications and capabilities. On average, a commercial EV charger tends to cost between £400 and £2,000.

This cost does not include installation, which can vary based on location, electrical requirements, and the configuration of the site. The higher-end chargers often come with additional features such as smart charging capabilities, multi-port charging, and enhanced durability.

Additionally, the ongoing costs such as maintenance, electricity consumption, and any potential network subscription fees should also be considered while assessing the total cost of ownership.

If the EV charger’s purpose is for internal staff to use on site, rather than the public, then you may be eligible for the Workplace Charging Scheme Grant which can provide you with a £350 grant.


Electricity Cost

Operating an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station within a workplace environment incurs certain running costs which are crucial to consider for budgetary planning.

The primary cost is electricity consumption, which varies depending on the power rating of the charging station and the number of EVs being charged daily. Additional considerations include the kilowatt-hour (kWh) rate set by the local utility company and peak demand charges, which may apply during high usage periods.

Furthermore, maintenance and repair costs should be accounted for, although these are typically low for EV charging stations. It’s also worth noting that while these running costs can be significant, they can be offset by implementing a charging fee for station use or by leveraging government incentives for green energy initiatives.


Site Preparation

When considering the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station at a workplace, one of the key elements to plan for is the site preparation costs. These costs include electrical upgrades, if needed, to accommodate the increased demand for power.

The location should align with the access to the city’s power grid to limit the cost of power connectivity. Hence, you’ll require a service technician to evaluate the site and ensure that it’s prepared for the installation of an EV charger. Site preparation may also involve the cost of land use, site clearing, and levelling.

Site preparation also entails the physical installation of the charging stations, which may require groundwork such as trenching or concreting. In addition, there could be costs associated with acquiring necessary permits and complying with local building regulations.

It’s important to note that these costs can vary considerably based on the specific conditions of the site and regional pricing differences. Proper planning and budgeting can help ensure a successful and cost-effective installation of your workplace EV charging station.


Workplace EV Charger Installation and Maintenance

The installation process of commercial electric vehicle charging stations is usually handled by licensed contractors. Typically, the cost of installing a commercial EV charging station is around £900 to £1600. This is just a rough estimate and the actual cost may vary.

The cost includes permits, labour costs, installation costs, and an electrical connection. Owning an EV charger requires a lot of upkeep and maintenance. Businesses will need to regularly clean the charger and manage any repairs that need to be made to ensure reliable charging.


In conclusion, there are certain costs associated with setting up commercial EV charging stations, but there are several benefits of installing workplace EV charging stations. It helps you meet your Corporate Social Responsibilities, future-proofing your business for EV vehicles, it provides convenience for yourself or your employees, and it helps to reduce your carbon footprint.

However, keeping in mind the many benefits of implementing EV charging stations, including attracting customers who own electric vehicles, being seen as an eco-friendly company, and potentially reducing transport costs, the investment is worth the cost.

Regardless of a company’s size, going electric is one of the best ways businesses can help the UK hit its ambitious emission-reducing targets.


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