How Common is Theft?

07 Dec 2021
BY Dave Salisbury

Just how common is theft and how do you protect your business from it?

Believe it or not the UK had some good news in 2020! According to the Office of National Statistics, in the 12-month period July 2019 to June 2020, the police recorded a 4% decrease in crimes. In fact:

  • Theft offences fell by 15%
  • Robbery offences fell by 10%
  • Criminal damage and arson fell by 8%

While this is good news and definitely a step in the right direction, unfortunately, these types of crimes still appear in their tens of thousands when we look at the detailed statistics.

So, how do you make sure that your business doesn’t fall foul of crime and become just another statistic? There are three questions you can ask to provide a quick fix for your business; they and their answers look like this:

  1. Where are my buildings and assets most vulnerable?

Answer: access points like entries, exits, doors and windows are always the biggest weakness.

  1. How do I strengthen the weak spots?

Answer: firstly you look at the physical and do things like strengthen your shutters and install grills. Secondly you look at equipment like CCTV to deter and capture.

  1. What can I do to increase a security presence?

Answer: install elements like lighting, security gates, and perimeter protection.

  1. What if I want to go a step further and have an integrated, smart 24/7 security and surveillance system?

Answer: call Zicam!

Give your business a security health check

It’s really important to do a security survey of your premises to see where the gaps are and what you can do to remedy them. When we start working with a new customer, the first thing we’ll do is an security audit of the site, examine any current system to establish the level site-wide efficiency, and to establish what their overall security needs are.

A thorough audit will take into account both the physical and the electronic security of the business premises. We’ll review the physical security elements, like fencing, gates, barriers, anything that’s going to (or meant to) stop an unauthorised person from accessing your site. Then we’ll review the electronic security systems to check that they’re operating properly and how each aspect of the system such as CCTV, intruder alarms, door access are working individually and as a total system.

It’s only then that we’ll start talking about how the design of a new system or an upgrade to your current one can provide the best level protection for your site and assets.

Bespoke, integrated, smart, safe

If I only had to pick one element of the security mix to recommend to any business owner, it would be a good CCTV system. You get an all-rounder with CCTV: it’s a deterrent, you get 24/7, 365 surveillance across your premises, you can access the business remotely using an app on your phone so you always have eyes on. Also CCTV doesn’t need a break, a nap, or holidays!

Of course, what I would always recommend is a bespoke integrated system, not for the hard sell but for the ultimate protection for your business. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke systems and we certainly don’t have a shelf full of ready-made security solutions that we hand out to customers. That’s why we would always ask (amongst other questions):

  • Why did you come to us?
  • What are the problems you’re experiencing with your site?
  • Has anything specific happened to prompt you to call?

There is no generic solution per customer because every site is different, from its location to the area it’s in and the layout of the building – and that’s even if the premises is part of a chain where they might look generic but still have their differences. Once we understand that, then we can move on to design and into the exciting world of advanced security technology…well we think it’s exciting.

If you’re looking for a new security system or not, please don’t become a crime statistic. Ask yourself those basic security questions and take action on the answers. Or call us.

Dave Salisbury, Managing Director, Zicam Integrated Security Limited.

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