How Companies are Leveraging Video Surveillance Systems to Protect Employees

19 Apr 2023
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

In the modern world, video surveillance systems are increasingly being used by businesses of all sizes in order to protect their employees and customers. Video surveillance is an effective way to defend against potential threats, such as theft or assault. It can also be useful for identifying any suspicious behaviour or activity that may occur on the premises.

For companies looking to take extra precautions for their workforce, investing in a video surveillance system is a great idea.


What is Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance systems are becoming increasingly popular as a form of security. These systems use cameras to monitor and record activities in public and private spaces, allowing for improved safety, crime prevention, and monitoring of employee performance.

When used in conjunction with other security measures such as access control and motion detection technology, video surveillance systems can be an effective tool for keeping people safe. CCTV surveillance is not only useful for deterring criminal activity but also helps with managing assets and improving customer service.


What are the Capabilities?

CCTV video surveillance systems vary greatly in their features and capabilities. The most basic camera setup may consist of just one camera connected directly to a monitor or recording unit. More sophisticated solutions may include multiple cameras connected via a wired or wireless network, providing real-time monitoring and recording, with options to store data remotely on a secure server.

Some video surveillance systems also offer features such as night vision, motion detection, facial recognition technology, wireless communication protocols, and analytics capabilities. These features can help improve safety and security by providing more accurate information about events occurring in the monitored space.


How Can Video Surveillance Benefit Your Employees & Your Business?

CCTV security systems are an important tool for businesses to protect their employees, customers and property. They provide 24/7 surveillance and can be used in a variety of ways to maximize safety.

Here are some of the key ways businesses can use CCTV security systems to protect their employees:

  1. Monitor employee activity: CCTV cameras allow employers to monitor employee activity throughout their workspaces. This helps ensure that all staff members are following company policies and regulations. Cameras can also help detect any suspicious or unauthorised behaviour that may occur within the workplace.
  2. Deter criminal activity: A visible CCTV camera is often enough to deter potential criminals from entering a business premises due to the risk of being identified on camera footage. This reduces the risk of theft, vandalism and other criminal activity taking place.
  3. Legal Evidence: In the event of a criminal investigation or lawsuit, video footage provides evidence that is reliable and irrefutable. This is invaluable for providing proof in court proceedings or for dealing with insurance companies in case of an incident onsite.
  4. Implement access control: Access control systems such as turnstiles and keypads can be combined with CCTV cameras to manage employee access to certain areas within a business premises. This helps to secure restricted areas, protect valuable items and ensure that only authorized personnel have access.
  5. Increased Visibility & Productivity: By monitoring employee activities through video surveillance, businesses can identify areas of improvement and ensure optimal productivity throughout the workday. It also helps employers monitor customer flow, enabling them to make adjustments when necessary for peak times or changes in customer patterns.
  6. Track movements: CCTV cameras can help employers track employee movements throughout their workspaces, allowing them to monitor attendance and punctuality more effectively. This also ensures that all employees are where they are supposed to be at all times, increasing workplace safety overall.
  7. Monitor hazardous areas: Businesses often have hazardous areas that need to be monitored closely for safety reasons. CCTV cameras can help employers monitor these areas more effectively, allowing them to identify and address any potential safety risks quickly.

By implementing a comprehensive CCTV security system, businesses can ensure that their employees are protected both inside and outside of the workplace. This is an important step in creating a safe and secure working environment for all staff members.


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