How Do Keyless Entry Systems Work?

10 Sep 2023
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

Keyless entry systems have revolutionised the way organisations manage access control. They offer an advanced solution to traditional keys, providing enhanced security, convenience and cost-efficiency.


Understanding Keyless Entry Systems

These systems are technologically advanced access control methods that do not require a traditional metal key for entry. Instead, they offer various forms of identification such as access cards, fobs, PINs, or biometric data like fingerprints or facial recognition. Each of these identifiers is associated with specific user permissions, dictating who can access what areas at which times.


Working Principle of Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless systems work by using electronic locks in conjunction with these identifiers. When a user presents their identifier – say, swiping their access card or entering their pin – the system checks the stored information for that identifier. If the user has the necessary permissions, the electronic lock is activated and the door is opened.


Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems

These systems provide a heightened level of security. Since each access credential is unique, it’s easy to monitor who has accessed specific areas and when. Furthermore, if an access card or fob is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated immediately, preventing unauthorised access.

They also offer more flexibility than traditional key-based systems. User permissions can be modified quickly and easily, accommodating changes in staff roles or access requirements. Plus, these systems typically include features for tracking and reporting, helping organisations to comply with security protocols and regulations.


Proximity Card Readers

Proximity card readers are one of the most commonly used types of keyless systems in commercial settings. The access card, often the size of a credit card, contains an embedded antenna that communicates with the reader through RFID technology. When the card comes within a certain proximity of the reader, the door unlocks. This type of system is often used in offices, hospitals, and schools.


Keypad Entry Systems

Keypad systems require the user to enter a pin code to gain entry. These systems are simple to use and can be easily updated or changed if a code becomes compromised. However, the security level is lower compared to other systems as the code can be shared or observed by unauthorized individuals.


Biometric Systems

Biometric systems offer the highest level of security. These systems use unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans to verify identity. Because these characteristics are unique to each individual, the risk of duplication or theft is virtually eliminated.


Smart Card Readers

Smart card readers function similarly to proximity card readers, but they offer an enhanced level of security. The data stored on the card’s chip is encrypted, making it much more difficult to duplicate or hack. These systems are often used in areas requiring high-level security, such as data centres or research labs.


Mobile Access Control

The newest innovation in keyless entry is mobile access control. This system uses smartphones and Bluetooth technology to grant entry. An app on the user’s phone communicates with the door lock, allowing for easy and secure access. This technology can be combined with other system types for added security.


In conclusion, keyless systems offer a diverse range of solutions to fit any commercial setting’s needs. Whether looking for simplicity, high security, or technological innovation, there is a keyless entry system suitable for every business.


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