New venture makes big ‘Impact’ on Zicam family

27 Apr 2023

The Zicam family is expanding! Garden designer, landscaper and business owner, Lee McDermott, is about to make a big impact on the services we offer our customers as we welcome him, his team and his business – Impact Gardens & Driveways – into the Zicam fold.

A facilities management package to suit all customers

Image of the Impact Gardens & Driveways logo.Landscaping and security you ask? It made perfect sense to us, which is why we’re pleased to announce we’re taking an equity stake in Lee’s business to allow him to set up a new business – Impact Grounds Maintenance.

The driving force behind our decision was, as always, our customers and being able to offer them an exceptional, professional service.

So now, as well as providing integrated security systems, electric vehicle charging points and perimeter protection, we can also offer grounds design, landscaping and maintenance.

Having Impact Grounds Maintenance as part of the team means we can create an entire facilities management package for our customers where they benefit from great design, maintenance, and customer service across their entire site.

Here’s why Lee was the perfect match for Zicam.

Professional service, bespoke design

Image of the Impact Gardens & Driveways logo.After 20 years in the industry, Lee decided to set up his own business last year when he noticed a gap in the market. Although he saw plenty of smaller business that offered garden maintenance, there were very few that provided a professional design and landscaping service. He wanted to put his extensive experience and degree in Garden Landscape Design to use and provide a high-quality service that took his customers from design, to landscaping and construction, through to relaxing their new garden.

In being able to take on large projects, his business grew quickly and caught the eye of Zicam. He says: “The investment by Zicam and new branch of the business means we can continue to provide the level of service our residential customers, but also expand with Zicam into servicing commercial customers.”

Lee is similar to Zicam in that he always wants to create value for his customers, and that’s reflected in the service he provides. He and his team offer a consultative approach, making sure his customer is on-board with the design and completely satisfied at each stage of the process.

Design and landscaping for max impact

Image of a completed grounds maintenance and landscaping project.As with Zicam’s approach to security system design, Lee also recognises that the requirements of his customers are completely unique. His end-to-end process, through the stages of design, construction and landscaping allows the customer to feel involved with their project as options and ideas are discussed and implemented. The result is a completely bespoke garden that perfectly meets the homeowner’s specific requirements.

Now our customers get to benefit from the same level of care with grounds landscaping and maintenance service.

Lee’s services also offers cover:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walling
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Outdoor buildings
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Garden lighting

Lee says: “All of the services we provide apply just as well to a commercial premises as to a residential one, even when it comes to outdoor living. The unpredictability of the British weather means that companies who have a focus on wellbeing and employee health can provide protected, sheltered outdoor spaces where people can take a break or enjoy their lunch.”

Reflected values

At Zicam, we have always prided ourselves on our professionalism and great customer service and we know that these values are perfectly reflected by Lee and Impact Grounds Maintenance. We have the same ethos when it comes to the quality of our equipment and how we behave both on-site and in the office.

We even have a similar approach when it comes to sustainability and creating a better environment. Our EV charging point service is now complemented by Lee’s ability to guide customers on the grounds around the points and creating areas that promote biodiversity.

That’s a win-win for us, our customers and the environment.

Current and future growth

Image of the Gas Care Logo.Zicam will be expanding its portfolio into electrical testing for landlords in setting a joint venture with GasCare based in Glossop. The joint venture will be Impact Electrical Care Ltd and – as well as Impact Grounds Maintenance and Impact Gardens & Driveways – will sit under parent company Zicam Facilities Group which will also make further acquisitions in the future.

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