Reduce your company’s carbon footprint – install EV chargers

28 Feb 2022
BY Dave Salisbury

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint – install EV chargers

It’s a new year! I’m sure – like many others – your company will be making resolutions to reduce its carbon footprint; so I’m delighted to present our new service that will certainly help with your goals. We’ve added the installation, service and ongoing maintenance of electric vehicle (EV) charging points to our portfolio to help companies like yours achieve their sustainability targets.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has made a clear commitment to transition to zero-emissions vehicles – mostly electric – by announcing the target of achieving 100% zero-emissions car and van sales by 2035. And, while we can all see the benefit of the transition, one of the obstacles to achieving it is having an infrastructure of charging points that will accommodate the millions of additional EVs that we’ll see on our roads in the near future. As the UK government continues to push businesses to improve their green credentials, now’s the time to look at installing on-site EV charging points.

What you need for your new EV charging points

The only real requirement to install EV charging points is space. The normal installation set up is a dual-outlet charger positioned between two normal sized car parking spaces, so it’s quite a compact configuration and, of course, easily scalable if required. The number of points you need comes down to the size of your company size, staff size, and the amount of people who park there on a daily basis. Commonly, for a company of 200-300 staff you would need 10-15 chargers, but as EV ownership increases, more can be installed.

Integrating your EV charging points with your security system

Charging points are easy to integrate with your existing (or new) security system and other internal systems such as time management or payroll. By issuing a swipe card to employees or using access control to unlock the charging points, the charging times can be monitored and logged to payroll, for example, as a method of billing. CCTV cameras can be installed or adjusted to watch your new charging points to make sure they’re well protected and quickly capture any damage or vandalism.

EV charging: the new employee benefit

It’s a great facility to offer to employees. Owners of EVs might not have a charger at home, or if they live in flats there might not be allocated parking for charging, so access to a charging point is a real benefit. There’s also the convenience. Employees are pretty much guaranteed to be on site for 7 hours or more, so even if the vehicle is on low charge on arrival, by the time the owner leaves in the evening the car is ready to go.

Zicam is in exactly the same boat as everyone else when it comes to the net-zero agenda. We have to demonstrate over the next 5 to 10 years how we’re reducing our carbon footprint, what measures we have in place and that we have a plan to follow. For us, it was a simple measure to install two electric charging points for anyone on site to use. At the moment we have two members of the team who own electric hybrid vehicles who regularly make use of the points. It’s hassle free and convenient and something they appreciate having access to.

3 further benefits EV charging points will bring to your business…

1.      Affordability

EV charging stations are easily scalable and relatively easy to install, and they offer a quick ROI.

2.      Responsibility

By adding EV charging stations to your site you’re showing you’re an environmental leader, with the knock-on effect of enhancing your brand reputation.

3.      Future ready

By being proactive and installing EV charging stations now, your business is prepared a future of 100% zero-transmission vehicles and you’ll be one step ahead of tighter environmental targets.

If you’re interested in getting ahead of the game with your EV charging points, why not contact us at We’re offering a free consultation to any company that’s considering building them into their net-zero strategy. Once you’ve booked your consultation:

  • Our engineer visits your site to complete a site survey
  • You receive a quote
  • Our engineer attends site to complete the installation
  • You receive ongoing service and maintenance support

It’s as easy as that!

Dave Salisbury, Managing Director, Zicam Integrated Security Limited.

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