Remote Monitoring in Commercial Security

11 Oct 2023
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

Remote monitoring is a crucial component of commercial security systems. Essentially, it involves the use of advanced technology to observe, track, and respond to security events at your business premises from a remote location.

This surveillance technique utilises a combination of cameras, sensors, artificial intelligence and network technology to provide real-time monitoring of a facility. Once the security system detects an intrusion or suspicious behaviour, it sends an immediate notification to a monitoring station, where trained security professionals can assess the situation and take the necessary steps to address it.

One of the significant benefits of this technology is its round-the-clock operation. Unlike physical security guards who may need breaks or may not be physically present in some areas at all times, remote monitoring ensures uninterrupted surveillance of your business premises. This means that potential security threats can be detected and addressed promptly, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism.

Here are a few more advantages of remote monitoring:


Increased Productivity

Remote monitoring allows businesses to monitor their systems and processes 24/7 in real time. This ensures that any issues are identified and resolved promptly, minimising downtime and disruptions. Businesses can also keep their operations running smoothly, increasing their productivity and profitability.


Improved Security

The fundamental advantage of this type of monitoring is enhanced security. Whether it’s a quick check on your premises after business hours or real-time surveillance to detect suspicious activity, it allows you to keep a watchful eye on things at all times. It’s like having a virtual security guard who never sleeps, providing you with peace of mind that your business is under constant surveillance.



One of the biggest benefits is that it is cost-effective. Businesses can monitor their systems and processes remotely, reducing the need for expensive on-site technicians. This reduces labour costs, travel expenses, and equipment costs while improving the efficiency of the business, providing more value for your money.

The installation and maintenance costs of this type of system are often much lower than the expenses associated with hiring and training a full-time security team. Furthermore, many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that employ remote monitoring, thus leading to additional savings.


Easy to Use

Remote monitoring systems are incredibly user-friendly, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes and industries. They offer simple interfaces that provide real-time information about your systems and processes, enabling you to stay informed and make informed decisions.


Real-Time Alerts

One of the significant benefits of remote systems is their ability to send real-time alerts. In the event of any unusual activity, like suspected break-ins or system failures, the system can immediately notify you or your security team, enabling prompt action and minimising potential damages.


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