Understanding the Different Types of Commercial Security Systems

05 Apr 2023
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

Zicam Security has a long history of developing and implementing security solutions to protect businesses. With new technologies emerging, business owners are able to choose from a wide range of systems that offer varying levels of protection. In this article, we’ll cover what commercial security systems are, what the benefits are, and the different types of systems available.


What are Commercial Security Systems?

Commercial security systems are an important aspect of any successful business. They help protect organisations from physical and digital threats, allowing them to operate without fear of theft or data loss. Security systems come in a variety of forms, including surveillance cameras, alarm systems, access control measures, and more.

The primary benefit of having a security system is that it can provide protection against physical threats. Surveillance cameras allow businesses to monitor their workplaces for intruders or other suspicious activity. Alarm systems alert authorities when there is an issue with the premises. Access control measures prevent unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas and limit access to sensitive information or equipment. These measures can also be used to deter crime before it occurs by making potential perpetrators aware that they will be monitored and held accountable.

Here is an overview of the different types of business security systems available in the UK:


CCTV Surveillance

This type of system is used for monitoring and recording activities within a specific area or location. Cameras are installed at strategic points, allowing real-time video footage to be viewed remotely via a web interface. Some CCTV systems also have motion detection capabilities and can trigger alarms when suspicious activity is detected.


Access Control Systems

These systems control access to certain areas of a building, such as server rooms or confidential documents. Access control systems typically consist of card readers and/or biometric (fingerprint) scanners that are connected to an authentication system. A user’s credentials must match the pre-set criteria before access is granted.


Intruder Alarm Systems

These systems detect intrusions into premises by monitoring for movement or sound. If an intruder is detected, an alarm can be triggered either onsite or remotely via SMS/email alert. Intruder alarms may also be linked to CCTV surveillance, allowing additional evidence to be gathered.


Fire Detection and Suppression Systems

These systems are designed to detect fires as early as possible in order to minimise damage. Fire detection systems consist of smoke detectors, heat sensors and/or flame sensors which are connected to a central control panel. Fire suppression systems, meanwhile, involve the use of extinguishing agents such as dry chemical powder or water mist.


Network Security

This type of system is designed to protect data stored on computer networks from unauthorised access or tampering. Network security solutions typically include firewalls, encryption protocols, authentication measures and malware detection software.


Why Consider A Commercial Security System?

By taking advantage of the latest advances in security technology, UK companies can ensure their premises and assets are well-protected against the threat of theft, vandalism or fire damage. Choosing the right system for each individual organisation is essential for achieving optimum results. Professional advice should be sought from experienced security specialists to ensure the most suitable and cost-effective solution is selected.

The use of business security systems in the UK provides peace of mind for owners and employees alike, allowing them to concentrate on their business operations with confidence. With a wide range of solutions available that can help to protect both physical and digital assets, organisations can take advantage of the latest technological advances to keep their premises secure.


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