Say no to uninvited guests! Why your business needs an intruder alarm system.

21 May 2021
BY Dave Salisbury

Say no to uninvited guests! Why your business needs an intruder alarm system.

There are a vast array of security and surveillance systems available that can provide either basic coverage or range right up to a bespoke system designed specifically for your business needs. They can also incorporate (what can be) a bewildering choice of equipment! But if there’s one system that every premises – business or residential – should have, it’s an intruder alarm.

Back in the day we knew them as burglar alarms and they weren’t particularly recognised for their sophistication. As with most modern-day equipment and technology they’ve come a long way and now even the most basic of alarms can provide a level of protection that suits many businesses – smaller ones in particular.

Smart systems for modern businesses.

I always advise business owners that an intruder alarm system is an absolute essential for protecting their buildings, site, and assets. Standalone alarms are available and provide adequate protection, but modern systems have become smarter and more intuitive, so why not use the technology to bring your security into the 21st century?

A smart system has the capability to accurately detect if the intruder on your site is a person or a vehicle. It might just be an animal or a piece of litter blowing around, but a smart intruder alarm system will be able to distinguish what is causing the motion and respond accordingly so you, as a business owner, aren’t disturbed by preventable false alarms.

If you wanted to go a step further, you could consider a fully integrated system that combines your intruder alarm with CCTV, life safety systems, access control, and an external deterrent system to deliver the ultimate, smart protection for your business.

Regardless of whether you go basic or bespoke, you’ll have the advantage of these four benefits when you instal an intruder alarm that’s optimised for your premises.

1. The best protection

It might sound obvious, but protection is the number one reason to instal a good intruder alarm system. It’s an unfortunate fact, but you know that your premises, equipment, stock, and vehicles can look like a tempting target for would-be thieves. By installing the best intruder system you can, you immediately reduce the opportunities for a burglar to access your site. A system that also combines motion detectors, sensors, strobe lighting and sirens will leave your business secure and protected.

2. Prevention and defence

We’ve all seen intruder alarms mounted on the outside wall of a building, but why put them there? As an external deterrent system these alarms are used to prevent trespassers, thieves or vandals breaking into a site. They’re deliberately located in an obvious and visible place to deter potential threats, prevent damage, or defend against theft. It’s a simple and effective method of protection, but as with all security, external deterrent systems are most beneficial when operating as part of an overall integrated system.

3. Police response

This is a huge benefit for a business that’s serious about security and protection. To provide complete confidence, your intruder alarm system has to be installed with dual confirmation to trigger a police response. It works by using a motion sensor in the first instance to confirm movement, and a secondary, passive infrared (PIR) sensor to confirm heat. The police will only respond once the second alarm is activated. It improves the protection of your site and grounds and increases the chances of apprehending an intruder.

4. Potential saving

A lower insurance premium: how about that for a benefit? An efficient intruder alarm system has the dual purpose of reducing risk to your business and increasing crime prevention – two things that insurance companies love – and that have the potential for saving on your insurance. Protection and savings go hand-in-hand. When you increase the level of protection throughout the system, the potential for insurance premium savings also increases. Another compelling reason for installing or upgrading to a smart intruder alarm system.

Act now!

I would urge any business owner to look at their intruder alarms and consider if they’re fit for purpose. They really are the most essential security system for protection against uninvited guests. And if it all feels a bit overwhelming, you can call Zicam or drop us a line and any member of the team would be happy to talk about your requirements. Just act now!

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