Zicam: Facilities Management Provider. An Enhanced Offering With The Same Excellent Service

12 May 2023
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

Over the past 25+ years, we’ve been providing security systems to a raft of happy customers. Now, not only can our customers expect high-tech, smart, integrated security systems and electric vehicle charging points, but they can also come to us for facilities management (FM) services. Having developed an excellent reputation in the industry for security systems, we caught up with our managing director, Dave Salisbury, to uncover the reasons for enhancing our core offering with FM services.


What’s the motivation for offering FM as a service?

I spend a lot of time in project meetings with customers where the conversations will, at some point, invariably meander from the project into other areas of business. Here, I can almost guarantee that facilities management and a general dissatisfaction with FM providers will make an appearance. Complaints range from the size of the company having an impact on service – “they’re too big to care” – to the world being promised at contract renewal stage and then a lack of commitment and delivery. The frustration is real!

Zicam have always been complimented on the personal service we give. As an example, our customers know they can call me directly with a problem, and because of the position I hold in the company, I can get someone to respond immediately and resolve it asap. That level of connection is quite rare these days. So, when I thought about how I could remove this FM pain for our customers and looked at what we already offered, I realised we were only a couple of elements away from a full FM package. And that’s why Zicam Facilities Management Group is here to serve.


What’s included in the offering?

Ours is a full-service facilities management package comprising:

  • Security systems
  • Perimeter protection
  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Grounds landscaping and maintenance
  • Gas and electric safety testing
  • Cleaning

What we offer is probably similar to other companies. What differentiates us is that we listen carefully to what the customer needs and then tailor the package to them. If they need cleaning included, we include cleaning. If they want grounds maintenance but not landscaping, that’s what we do. We find out what the requirement is and deliver on time to a standard our customers have come to expect from us. What’s at the very centre of the service is not the service itself but the customer – always and without exception.


If Zicam is providing security and EV chargers, who’s providing the other services?

Our gas and electric safety testing is in the hands of Impact Electrical, which is run by Carl Enser, who also owns his own company, GasCare. Impact Grounds Maintenance, operated by Lee McDermott of Impact Gardens & Driveways, will be responsible for the design and care of customer grounds.

I knew right away that Lee and Carl were the right people to enter into a joint venture with. They’re very similar to Zicam in the way they operate – they’re responsive, and they care. Like me, they’re both in senior roles but are also involved in the day-to-day business; we’re the same in that we’re on the ground, accessible, and not hiding behind a corporate brand.

These days, companies need to be agile and have the ability to adapt quickly to meet customer needs; under Zicam FM Group, that’s exactly what we all provide.


What else can customers expect from Zicam Facilities Management Group?

Our niche is our service and the value that it adds; it includes the support we provide and how we behave towards our customers and each other. We’ve built incredibly long-standing relationships with customers that are based on trust. They expect us to always do what we say we’re going to do, and my promise to them is that it will continue through our enhanced offering.

Zicam FM Group will be the face of the business, supported by an amazing back-office team who will make the magic happen by coordinating all services and operations with our partners. The end result will be that we’re still as excellent, still as responsive; there’s just more on offer.


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Dave Salisbury, Managing Director

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