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05 Oct 2022
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

Sometimes we find the products and systems we use need a bit of a shake-up to keep them fresh and up to date. This is the very situation we found ourselves in at the beginning of this year when we started to receive feedback from customers about their intruder alarms.

We’d used the same two suppliers for around 20 years and had never had a problem; however, advances in technology during those years had been vast and it was noticeable that neither supplier had adapted their products to reflect progress. The user interface on both products hadn’t been modified or upgraded and, in a society where everyone uses apps, both had made attempts to create them, but usability was poor and they lacked full integration with the system. It was time to move on.

Making connections – meeting requirements

So, we began our quest to find alternative products and suppliers. Early investigation confirmed there was an array of different manufacturers, which was great, but we had a set of specific requirements we wanted our next supplier to meet, including:

  1. We wanted to find a company that reflected our own ethics and culture.
  2. We wanted to partner with a British manufacturing company. This was really important to us because many products on the market claim to be “Made in Britain” when actually the claim more closely resembles “Parts assembled in Britain”.

That narrowed down the options and Orisec was one of them. I’d heard good things about this company from industry contacts and they were as impressive as I had hoped when we came to meet. Based just outside Manchester, the company is the fastest growing UK manufacturer and distributor of intruder alarm equipment and operates across international as well as domestic markets. What also ticked our boxes about Orisec, is that they deal directly with installers, there are no wholesalers or middlemen.

We had found our new partner for intruder alarms.

The features that sold Orisec intruder alarms to us

For the full range of exceptional features and benefits of Orisec’s intruder alarms, I’d encourage you to visit their website. Here are the key elements that sold the products to us:

  • The wireless system is top notch. Orisec offer conventional hardwired control panels as well as a wide range of wireless control panels which are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their reliability. Wireless alarm panels were traditionally only used in a domestic setting, but because of the way they have been developed and their reliability they are now a great option for installation in commercial buildings.

The wireless option has the benefit to us and our customers of a vastly reduced installation time. Whereas a conventional 100-zone wired alarm could take two engineers a month to install, it can now be done in around a week – such a reduction in labour means the system cost is reduced for the customers.

  • Orisec’s app is fantastic as an end user and an installer. You have full usability in arming or disarming systems, it can be used to isolate certain zones, and will send notifications if a PIR has been triggered.
  • The external sounder strobe units can illuminate to show if the system if armed or disarmed. They even have a courtesy light to guide you has you set the alarm.
  • A central benefit for our technical department, is that they have full access to a customer’s intruder alarm. If there’s a fault they can detect it remotely and they can also test the systems for our customers from a remote position.
  • Finally, thanks for the fact Orisec is a UK manufacturer, we get a quicker turnaround on product delivery.

We’re even changing our own intruder alarm to Orisec! We’re looking forward to developing a long and beneficial partnership as both our businesses grow and prosper as we adapt to the ever-changing world of technology.

If you want to find out more about intruder alarms or our integrated fire and security systems, please contact a member of our team today.

Dave Salisbury, Managing Director, Zicam Integrated Security Limited.

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