Zicam & Sunseeker International: a perfect partnership

19 May 2022
BY Zicam Integrated Security Ltd

We believe that developing a great relationship with our customers and delivering an exceptional service is essential to our business. Sunseeker International is one of our valued customers and we recently had the opportunity to talk with both Mike McLaughlin (MM), Head of Security, and Dave Salisbury (DS), our own managing director, about how the relationship between our two companies has grown over the years.

Here’s what they had to say…

Where did it all start?

MM:     We’ve been working with Zicam for 6 years now. I first met Zicam’s CEO, Milan Mazić when we had the initial contractual meetings. He made it all really simple for us; Zicam priced the job, designed and installed our system and after the first couple of days we didn’t actually notice they were on site. Unfortunately for them, when we had a boat move, they had to stop working which meant coming back later in the day or later at night, or even over the weekend to make sure we stayed on track. It was no bother though, they showed massive respect for us and our operations and were fantastic from start to finish. We knew we were onto a good thing then!

Can you remember why Zicam was appointed?

MM:     Milan just listened to us. When he was asked a question he answered it perfectly and in the most professional manner. He stood out above and beyond everyone else. In fact, the meeting overran because some of our most senior people continued to ask him questions about security systems. He had expert knowledge, professionalism and he wasn’t pushy! He just knew his stuff.

How has the customer/supplier relationship developed over time?

DS:       It started off as a very professional relationship and has developed into a personal one. Mike’s security team trust us and take on our advice because we work so closely together. We make sure that we put together proposal systems and ways to make their lives easier. I believe that it comes down to trust and respect and the fact it’s a two-way street; Mike is a great advocate of ours, but I also know that if something wasn’t right he’d have no hesitation in letting us know.

What is it you value about the other company?

MM: Dave knows that I wouldn’t hesitate to let him know if something was wrong, for example, if they didn’t have their work area properly coned off, but when I’ve clocked on to the system after I get home I can see that they’ve already got their area set up for the following day. They’re always early to the job and well prepared and we value that. They quite simply do what they say they’re going to do. They’re knowledgeable and responsive; it’s more like a family really.

DS:       And that family aspect is something Milan wanted to create when he started the business and it continues today. I value the honesty that’s come from that kind of relationship.

How important is a smart, integrated security system to Sunseeker International?

MM:     Some of the stock we hold here is worth millions so our security needs to be first-rate. The Avigilon security equipment Zicam uses gives us a level of detail that reassures us we’re fully protected. We’ve not had any faults on the cameras and as we’re by the sea you would expect rust, but not on these cameras. You pay for it, but you get outstanding high performance. We also have intercoms on the barriers that Zicam installed for us which means we can talk to people remotely and decide whether to permit them entry to site. Also, the night vision of the cameras is amazing. As an integrated system it really works – without it we’re stuck.

Are there any particular challenges with the Sunseeker International sites?

DS:       The environment for the external cameras was the biggest challenge. The salt in the air makes it very corrosive but the Avigilon cameras are such high quality they can cope with it. Also, the way we installed them means they remain in exceptional condition.

The site is a fully active boat manufacturing site so we have to be exceptionally vigilant and prepared when it comes to health and safety. Health and safety is incredibly important to us, and Sunseeker International also prides itself on its excellent safety record, so we make sure we consider every aspect of the job.

What would you say to another company who was considering working with Zicam, Mike?

MM:     I would absolutely endorse the company and its service; I wouldn’t hesitate. Zicam cares, and that shines through. It’s truly enjoyable company to work with.

If you are interested in joining Sunseeker International as one of our valued customers, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

The Zicam team.

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