East Midlands Gateway Permitter Protection



An image of a gateway protection system
East Midlands Gateway will begin operations in March 2022. This £100m logistics centre will be part of a huge logistics partnership. The logistics centre will be the forefront of ensuring supply and demand for end users is as efficient as possible. In addition to the storage facility for the overall operation, site Security managers required a comprehensive security system to match this state-of-the-art facility and the millions of products that will be in transit in and out of the logistics centre in the future.


An image of a gateway protection system
Zicam partnered with Magnetic and FAAC automation, a premier provider of global physical security solutions to the ever-growing perimeter protection industry, to deliver one of the world’s most advanced safety and security systems. Magnetics MTripod and MSwing range products installed are rated to an incredible 10 million cycles without fail, which is equivalent to 27 years of service. The Turnstiles also have a very low energy rating ensuring considerable future costs savings, furthermore the units are made from recycled materials which assists with site sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility.  Proximity readers have been installed within the speed lanes to ensure site can control and monitor individuals’ movements to and from site.   In addition, each employee and visitor are added to fire register through the Paxton net2 system. Zicam are responsible for the end-to-end delivery of the state-of-the-art system as well as continued system support and maintenance.


An image of a gateway protection system
East Midlands Gateway is taking advantage of end-to-end integration of the physical security, CCTV and access control for better control and response to any issues which arise.  Zicam’s comprehensive, layered security solution for site puts the safety and security of staff and visitors at the forefront – all aligned and bespoke with the operator’s plan to offer a safe and pleasant experience whilst visiting or working at the logistics centre. Improvements have made for better management of the various systems. The Physical security helps with granted access to authorised visitors and employees as well as deterring unwanted visitors.   The speed lanes have an entrance for disabled access. Speed lanes are integrated with CCTV, access control and fire alarm system to give security the best insight as well as allowing all employees to leave safely in the event of a fire. The CCTV function is integrated with site security in a digital control room that provides a consolidated view of these critical systems. Use of the integrated system supports process and heightening flow efficiency levels of all staff and visitors at any one time.

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