Lower Precinct, Coventry

Value: £150,000

Start Date: March 2021
End Date: May 2021


Lower Precinct Coventry is a multiple occupancy retail centre.  Combining around 50 stores with footfall of circa 200,000 shoppers per week.

Zicam Integrated Security Ltd was selected to provide a multi layered security system across many sites including shipyards, technology centres and offices.


Low Quality security footage
The Precinct was experiencing public order offences and low-level shoplifting on site.  They were also looking for a lost person and left luggage detection system on site. Due to heightened threat levels within the UK the site felt that the needed a proactive approach to combat any potential terrorism threat.


An image of an escalator
The design specification included a state-of-the-art network based Avigilion system, utilising Avigilion class leading analytic technology.  Zicam were able to deliver appearance search, people counting and large group detection software.    The system size consisted over 150 cameras installed across the areas, includes public areas, service corridors and delivery bays.


A person cleaning a CCTV camera
The results are the security officers have a more detailed overview of movements around the centre.  As and when issues arise, they are alerted digitally via the monitoring platform and they can take a reactive approach to the incidents.    From a site management point of view the site have a digital overview of the centre with regards to Health and Safety management.  They also utilise the system to produce KPI’s with regards to incidents and health and safety matters.  This leaves site fully equipped to deal with ongoing issues and monitoring.

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