Paxton Net2 Anywhere Software


What is Paxton Net2 Anywhere roll call?

Paxton Net2 Anywhere is an evacuation management solution.

Zicam’s Paxton Net2 Anywhere integration provides dedicated /real time roll call software with full evacuation management capabilities; perfect for more complex roll calls and multi-site locations.

Protect Your Workforce and the Public With Accurate, Real-Time Roll Calls & Sweeps


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East Midlands Gateway, Project Viking

This is a brand-new site, which required multiple discipline CCTV, access control and intruder alarms

Site required the system to monitor and reduce Health and Safety issues on site, increase perimeter and intruder protection and supply an overview of day to day operations. day operations.


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Zicam Integrated Security liaised with site to establish requirements and advise the client with regards to Tapa A compliance.

Internally and externally circa 200 cameras were installed. This was hosted on a dedicated secure fibre network.

With monitoring stations for security officers inside the building and remotely viewed in the site gatehouse.

Zicam installed 10 muster points in 3 locations around the site perimeter (30 points in total). These are controlled via the Paxton Net2 Anywhere app which is reported via iPads.

Upon an alarm activation employees walk to their nearest muster point location and swipe their access card onto any of the readers to log their location.

This gives a real time live account of who is accounted for at each muster point and who is still missing.


Image of the Paxton Net2.
Supply and Installation costs:

  • £1650.00 + VAT per point – includes Paxton reader, Paxton Net2 dedicated controller, bespoke pedestal and installation.
  • Additional expenses to include:
  • Civil /groundworks (costs will be confirmed on an individual site basis)
  • If the site is currently not utilising the Net2 Platform they will require Net2 professional software a dedicated PC /Workstation and tablet for visibility of roll calls. This can be provided by Zicam Security Ltd for £3900.00 + VAT as a one-off purchase cost.

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