Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School


Zicam Systems Group Ltd was awarded a contract to provide security services for local schools and places of worship across the United Kingdom.

This involved the provision of comprehensive security services, including CCTV monitoring and management. The contract aimed to enhance the safety and security of students, staff, and facilities across the  premises.

The contract required a seamless mobilization process to ensure a smooth transition from the previous security provider.


Image of a Hanwha CCTV system.
Our Project Managers held pre-start meetings with the client to ensure all working methods/requirements were agreed including a communication plan. A mobilisation team/plan was formed to ensure key tasks were carried out (integration, contract specific training, asset data exchange, health and safety/RAMS review on site along with our NEBOSH qualified Operations Manager, customer engagement). TUPE was not required; we resourced the contract with existing local based engineers. As all engineers carried a PDA; our head office management team were able to track their locations and jobs scheduled. This also allowed us to see on a live basis using our inhouse Cash system, whether the engineers are attending the site, whether they are on time and completing the works.


Image of a puzzle piece fitting into a puzzle.
Zicam Systems Group Ltd installed a bespoke multi layered solution. Zicam installed Internal and external Hanwha CCTV system supplemented with Paxton Access Control to maintain secure entry and egress of the building. We were presented with an ideal opportunity to implement this upgrade as the building was going through a full ground up renovation. Zicam Systems Group Ltd established a schedule of regular contract meetings with School representatives to review performance, address concerns, and discuss ongoing security needs. These meetings provided an opportunity to maintain open lines of communication, share updates, and address any emerging issues. A dedicated Project Manager was assigned from Zicam Systems Group Ltd to oversee the day-to-day operations and act as the primary point of contact for the School. The contract manager was responsible for managing the security team, ensuring compliance with contractual obligations, and addressing any operational challenges. We implemented a robust performance monitoring system to track key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure the delivery of high-quality security services. KPIs included response times, incident resolution rates, CCTV uptime, and customer satisfaction levels. Regular reports were generated and shared with the School to provide visibility into the security operations, highlight achievements, and identify areas for improvement.


Image of the Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School Badge.
Our Project Manager conducted internal audits. External auditors also audited works ensuring compliance alongside NSI and client requirements. All service documents were recorded electronically reducing scope of error on handwritten forms. On completion, we issued satisfaction surveys, using the feedback to gain a clear understanding of needs, and driving improvement. Every action on the contract was captured by our work management system enabling comprehensive reports to be provided regarding the progress of the works. The delivery of the contract was monitored by our Project Manager and Operations Manager via reports and regular communication with Engineers. Zicam Systems Group Ltd embraced a culture of continuous improvement by actively seeking feedback from the School and implementing innovative solutions. This included exploring advancements in technology, enhancing training programs, and conducting regular security audits to identify opportunities for optimisation. Through effective mobilization and management strategies, Zicam Systems Group Ltd successfully provided comprehensive security services for the School. The contract mobilization phase ensured a seamless transition, while the management phase focused on delivering high-quality services, monitoring performance, and fostering continuous improvement. The collaboration between Zicam Systems Group Ltd and the School resulted in a safer and secure environment, ultimately enhancing the overall educational experience for students and staff.

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