Selco Builders Warehouse

Value: £16,000,000

Start Date: 2001
End Date: Ongoing


Selco Builders Warehouse is an established trade-only supplier of building materials and supplies.

Zicam Systems Group Ltd was selected to provide a multi layered security system across the whole of Selco’s UK wide store network.


To offer a proactive approach to reduce shrinkage throughout the network whilst maintaining the integrity of each individual site's perimeter. Zicam Systems Group had to demonstrate a balanced approach due to the customer facing nature of each store.


A collage image of the Selco builders warehouse unit.
Prior to commencing works on site our Project Management team conducted a needs assessment. This compiled of understanding the client's specific requirements, site layout, potential risks, and any regulatory compliance that needs to be considered.

Zicam then designed a customised CCTV solution. This involved selecting the appropriate cameras, recording devices, monitoring software. By tailoring the solution to the client's requirements, we ensured maximum coverage, optimal performance, and efficient use of resources.

Correct installation and configuration were essential for the successful delivery of this contract. This involved positioning cameras strategically, running cables discreetly and ensuring seamless integration with existing infrastructure. Additionally, configuring settings such as motion detection, recording schedules, and remote access were completed with expertise to optimize system functionality.

Before handing over the CCTV system to the client, thorough testing and commissioning was carried out. This included verifying camera coverage, testing video quality, ensuring seamless connectivity, and testing remote access and monitoring capabilities. By conducting comprehensive testing, Zicam identified and rectified any issues before final delivery, ensuring a fully functional and reliable system.

As part of the CCTV contract delivery, we provided comprehensive training to the client's staff on system operation and maintenance. Providing detailed documentation, such as user manuals and troubleshooting guides.


Image of engineers climbing up a ladder.
The design specification included a state-of-the-art network based Avigilion system, utilising Avigilion class leading analytic technology. Zicam were able to deliver appearance search, people counting and large group detection software.

The system size consisted over circa 60 cameras per store, totalling almost 5000 cameras across the Selco Network which is viewed in their dedicated monitoring suite.

This offers the loss prevention team a full 360 visibility of the internal and external area of each store, this includes public areas, service corridors and delivery bays.

The results are the security officers have a more detailed overview of movements around each store. As and when issues arise, they are alerted digitally via the monitoring platform, and they can take a reactive approach to the incidents.

From a site management point of view the site have a digital overview of the centre with regards to Health and Safety management and reduction in stock and product losses.

They also utilise the system to produce KPI’s with regards to incidents and health and safety matters. This leaves site fully equipped to deal with ongoing issues and monitoring.

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